Centered Massage & Wellness

Rates & Services

Massage Therapy Sessions

1 hour: $90
75 minutes: $110
90 minutes: $130

Using a combination of massage modalities each session with April is crafted to meet your specific needs.  

A full body session includes your scalp, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, full back, legs, and feet.  However, you may choose to not have one or more of these areas massaged. 



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Focused Massage Treatment

30 minutes: $60

This 30 minute treatment is ideal for targeting just one or two specific problem areas.  For example; low back and hips, or neck and shoulders, or full back.
This service is not available to first time clients.


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E-Gift Cards

Send the gift of health and relaxation to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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Complimentary Enhancements

In addition to offering a heated table that helps aide your relaxation experience I also offer hot towels and aroma therapy to enhance your massage session.  

Cupping therapy is also available upon request. However, please note that certain health conditions prohibit the use of cupping therapy and therefore it's not available to everybody. 

You may choose any or all of these offerings during your massage. 

Bottled water is always available to you at each session.

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