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Medical Massage Westbrook Gorham

April Morrell is the founder and owner of Centered Massage & Wellness. In October 2018, April established her first location in Westbrook, Maine dedicated to providing exceptional care to her clients. Her commitment to offering individualized treatments and prioritizing the well-being of her clients has been paramount in her practice. Such dedication and focus on delivering the best care possible led April to expand her reach, opening a second location in Gorham in January 2024. Through these two thriving locations, April continues to serve and support the community, striving to ensure that each client receives personalized attention and the highest quality of care. 

April's expertise and belief in the importance of balance are reflected in her strong skill set. She has been a licensed therapist in Maine since 2018 and has completed over 300 hours of additional training in various massage modalities. In 2023, April obtained certification as a medical massage practitioner, further solidifying her expertise in the field.

April's approach to treatment is deeply rooted in individualized care, focusing on helping her clients achieve balance, self-healing, relaxation, stress relief, and pain management through massage therapy. 

When not supporting her clients on their wellness journeys, April can be found spending quality time with her family or immersing herself in nature, whether hiking, kayaking, tending her gardens, or indulging in her love for reading.



Westbrook deep tissue massage

Lucie is a dedicated and intuitive massage therapist who embodies the principles of holistic wellness. With a background as a former massage instructor and over a decade of experience in the field since 2009, Lucie has honed her skills and expertise in various specialized techniques such as deep tissue, prenatal, advanced polarity, and relaxation methods. Her commitment to providing personalized care to each of her clients sets her apart in the industry, as she tailors her approach to meet the individual needs and preferences of those she serves.

Beyond her professional life, Lucie is a devoted mother and wife who finds fulfillment and joy in various aspects of her personal life. Nature serves as a source of inspiration and rejuvenation for her, allowing her to connect with the world around her and find peace amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. Lucie is committed to personal growth and self-improvement, constantly seeking opportunities to learn and expand her knowledge in order to better serve her clients and enhance her own well-being.


Gorham deep tissue massage

Jennifer excels as a massage therapist with her keen sense of intuition. Her expertise encompasses a wide array of techniques, from craniosacral work and advanced polarity to reiki, deep tissue, relaxation methods, and Thai massage stretches. Each session is personalized, as Jennifer approaches her treatments with care and a deep understanding of her clients' needs.

Having obtained her massage license in California in 2003 and achieving board certification, Jennifer has refined her craft in various settings before finally settling in Maine.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Jennifer derives immense joy and fulfillment from quilting and other handcrafted creative projects. She also holds a profound appreciation for water and nature, which further fuels her holistic approach to client care.
Jennifer's dedication to providing personalized, creative, and holistic treatments sets her apart as a truly exceptional massage therapist.